Song Of the Week

Oh, Happy Day

There are several sure-fire ways to kick me out of a depression (besides the meds, I mean):

1. Drive.
2. Drive and listen to this song.

Desite the fact that I immediately explode into piteous, childlike weeping when I hear it, I put it on repeat and go for about seven rounds. You can NOT listen to this and stay unhappy.

Unless you’re a bad person. Then you should be unhappy.

It’s by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, if I remember correctly. Do I sound like a record store geek, Hannah and Mark?

Oh, and the original SOW herself, has a fresh, new one.

3 comments to Song Of the Week

  • I am listening to this song and it is filling me with an inexplicable and total hatred. I’m so filled with bitter evil I can’t even blink.

    It’s Elvis Costello meets Elmo. I have to go vomit now.

  • STOP “Oh Happy Day!!” I am crying all over myself!! I have it on my i-pod. The best new song. Best. Best.
    Sari, you are responsible for getting this choir to my funeral someday to sing this song.

  • Just make sure to leave instructions that the ipod must be put on “repeat.” It’s easy to forget that sort of thing when all the gnashing and wailing and ululating starts.

    You’re welcome.