Go!!!!!! then fall down

While you guys are off having babies and making money, I’ll be keeping an eye on the 2006 MotoGP schedule (which you can now find in my coveted links section.)

The first race of the season was last Sunday and only two things really stood out: Rossi fell down in the first five seconds (also […]

Song Of The Week (The Heuristics Of The Mystics)

Not only am I posting a song which I’ve memorized more deeply than a lullabye, I am posting the lyrics. Brian Eno and Frank Black are my favorite songwriters, just for the sheer meandering puzzle of their lyrics. Plus, once you’ve got them memorized, the songs are great for loud singing alonging.

I’ve reached that […]

Face east, get down!

As my friend Gail says, take a scoop of James Brown, a cup of Elton John and a whole heapin’ helpin’ of Egyptian wisdom and you get (what I say is) the best video ever.

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