Belle + Sebastian March 12

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Belle + Sebastian March 12
Belle + Sebastian March 12,
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5 comments to Belle + Sebastian March 12

  • I saw you taking photos with your damnable beautiful PINK razr (unlike my depressing black one), and I was going to take one and send it to you two rows over with a “wish you were here” message. But I was too busy singing along

  • Yeah, but the pictures came out so lousy! I was going to send you a text message that said “I’m thirsty” but the hippy in my row had me too busy standing up and down all night. What I should have gotten was a picture of that adorable bass player kissing me later… 😉

  • Yeah, is that like the boyfriend in Canada who no one knows but is really cool?

  • You mean the one you’re always talking about, but no one ever meets? That sounds like a B&S song. I remember when Shawn Pike had a big crush on Lung Leg and followed her to New York and she told him she couldn’t go out with him because she had an invisible boyfriend.

    Besides, I have pictures, sort of. The bass player took them, so just as soon as he emails them to me… Okay, well, he’s not kissing me in the pictures, but he is in my mind.

  • What kind of shoes did you end up wearing, btw? I’m really glad I told you not to wear those.