Even peacocks had her in their sights

Tiger that killed woman was 100 lbs. underweight

This story has all the markings of my favorite articles to blog: stupid animal lovers, gore and a photo of the victim with her killer. Of course, I have to pass on a hundred of these a day so I can get my work done, but when I saw this post-mortem quote about a woman whose underweight tiger killed and ate her, I couldn’t resist. Her mother recalled that her daughter, “was game for most anything.”

Mom should go on Letterman.

2 comments to Even peacocks had her in their sights

  • That story reminds me of the time when I toured for a week with the hot-rockin’ band SURVIVOR. I was covering them for Stanza magazine. This woulda been in the mid-80’s, and we stopped at a diner in Wichita, late at night.
    The waitress was a real crabby gal, but kinda sexy, in wisecrackin’, Polly Holliday let it Flo kinda way, and she took one look at lead singer David Bickler and said, “I could eat you as a first course, honey.”
    Bickler just stared at her with those steely green eyes, and said, “I believe you got the eye of the tiger, maam.”

    That’s what I thought of when I heard about this story.


  • LOL! Oh, Slick, you make me want to go and think about this long and hard. (Pretend I’m a male fan.)

    “Grrrrr, that kitty can scratch!”

    –Gob to his sister, Lindsey, when he finds out she’s adopted.