“Life is hard when you’re stupid.”

Somehow my friend Walter comes up with the best sayings. He puts a lot of them on t-shirts.

This one seems appropriate this Saturday morning. I have to go to a village meeting in XXXXXXXX (don’t need to run in traffic, if you know what I mean). It’s a special citizen’s meeting being called by a guy with a beef about fence ordinances. Thankfully I’m getting paid to cover it for the paper, but strangely, I’d rather stay home screwing around for nothing.

The guy with the beef has a beef-a-week platform. It’s aways something, but the only thing I can think of when he’s trying to get justice for his real and imagined persecutions is that he has this tattooed on his upper arm (and it’s not ironic):

Bear in mind that he and his wife are suing the school district because he doesn’t want them to teach their kids sex education. And drive these weird little matching 250cc mini choppers.

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