Maile Gets Her Emmy

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Maile Gets Her Emmy
Maile Gets Her Emmy,
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So my friend Maile (I’m probably not her friend anymore) just won an Emmy for doing the voice for Miss Piddlywinks or some shit like that. She should get an Emmy just for being Maile.

I believe she went and got it to make me feel bad about my stupid life.

3 comments to Maile Gets Her Emmy

  • do you think maile would help me get a one-liner on a Disney film? Because this is one show biz fantasy of mine. The other is to meet the Muppets. Backstage would be fine.

  • Um, Sari. I am offcially not talking to you. I’m waaaaayyy too conceited now. Joe told me about this post.

    um, i’ll work on getting your “friend” a line in a Disney film, as soon as I get one. First I have to knock off some lame C-list “celebrity” to do it.

    Finally, yes, I did win the Emmy to piss you off. It’s been a secret goal of mine for so long, I’m happy I finally acheived it.

  • Wow, Maile. I can’t believe you took time off from “polishing” your “Emmy” and toting it around in that especially designed baby backpack. I just finished my book, so I don’t feel so bad anymore. Now we can both be self-hating lunatics striving endlessly for superficial symbols of outside approval.

    Wow, Vic, remember when you had a synchronous password experience? It just happened to me. Mine is “jekors.”