bastard maile

she’s really starting to piss me off now. first an Emmy, now she’s stealing my second husband, steve carrell. clearly, she’s using some kind of witchcraft, because i told him to stop calling me until he does something about his wife. but now what? maile just has him all to herself. i bet that’s his trailer. not hers. his. and she’s following him around. he doesn’t really look too happy but i suppose he couldn’t turn down the five bucks.

i just thought of something. that maile is bitter because i got married when i said that i wouldn’t! she even went to san francisco to get married and then the law changed back and i was so happy and then i went and ditched her!

oh fuck it. she’s going to set me up with steve carrell even though he’s happily married to some broad and they have spawn.

oh yeah, and so anyways, back to MAILE. this picture is from “Evan Almighty,” a sequel to “Bruce Almighty” and she gets to go on an ark with a bunch of animals or something.

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