No spinach in this guy’s teeth

My friend’s husband Dylan Hicks made a wonderful debut (I think) in the StarTribune. The next time you see Dylan, be sure to rush up and give him a big hug. Good writers love that.

Actually, I like to rush up and slap him on the back and bellow, “Tally ho, old chum, once again you have regaled the fellows with a hearty tale,” but then he gets pissed because he usually loses his balance at the hearth and his pipe goes flying.

His blog, written by Nina, is my favorite.

*Dylan will be the only person in the universe (including the subject himself) who will be able to recognize this photo.

Oh, I love a jolly good quizzler.

1 comment to No spinach in this guy’s teeth

  • nina

    Dylan doesn’t know who it is! Thanks for all the kind words. Dylan is an occasional writer for the strib, but this was his first essay-type thing