Is it $23K for a Masonic community house?

“Cute little four bedroom cottage in Paradise Park 1/2 mile from sc on hwy 9 Community social hall, tennis courts, picnic grounds, river swimming Unique pud type arrangement requiring no loans and Masonic Membership ”

This one is actually affordable, but do I really want to pay the price?! I suppose that Christian movie has made it pretty hard to get people to move to a Masonic community in Santa Cruz, but I’d be very tempted if the house was actually on “Crypt Lane.”

No membership required? How’d you like to be the only neighbor who doesn’t belong? Come on! “We’re having a baby roast on Sunday, drop on by! Just take a turn at Illuminati Lane, go past Captain Clark Street and it’s the fifth #23 in the cul-de-sac!

2 comments to Is it $23K for a Masonic community house?

  • Annie

    I’d love to see the pictures of that cabin. Any chance you could repost them? Thanks!!

  • It was just a little house in a neighborhood where you had to be a Mason to qualify. It was like a community, like “Wild Oaks” or “Cornhaven.” I’d just do an MLS search for cheap houses with some of those street names.