Nature rules (half the time)

My Martha Stewart moment for the summer. Don’t you just want to go out and start collecting pink glass and engraved bricks?

I’ve lived out here for 3 summers and have yet to see the huge plot of raspberries do anything but spread and scratch me.

Today, I woke up from my nap, ambled around outside and came across all these beautiful little clumps of the most delicious, warm berries. Scott came home and put a few on top of a plate of greens and smoked salmon with oil and vinegar. I really hope they stay long enough for Nina’s kid to come out here and pick some. Of course it will be a 100-degree day and he’ll have to wear a flight suit, a helmet and welder’s gloves, but he’ll never remember who was responsible for the trauma! I’ll always be “Aunt Raspberry.”

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