Stolen and slo!!!!!!

stolen and slow

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that’s me at the Advanced Riders Course at Dakota County Technical Center (completely forgetting everything i did on skyline/la honda/highway 1, etc. etc. ). I felt like a complete doofus, but then again, I was also stricken by self-hating PMS squirts and it was super hot. The only other chick there was.. well, let’s say she looked pretty good on her bike, but she ran me off the course by passing me in a corner and proceeded to drive into the grass. Of course, being a crash magnet, I followed and … crashed! Huh. How about that. Claimed that she was going too fast, and not passing me as her excuse for bailing. Went out again because the fabulous and dreamy instructor, Steve Bauman zen’d me into it and to my delight stuck around long enough to see the girl take a nice low side into the same curve and, i think, because I wasn’t uncouth enough to watch, limped her bike back to her boyfriend’s trailer. I drove my home. Monday morning I felt like death. Yay motorcycles!

And hi, who’s the Jew with the bobbly, enormous head who hasn’t paid for a real picture? That’s me!

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