Despite all your rage

Xtreme Fight Klub

My quest to see fuckers kick the shit out of each other takes me to The Myth Nightclub this Wednesday night. I have traveled near and far to watch, and I always come up empty-handed. Inept bookers, cancelled shows, last-minute venue changes, no media passes, rained-out fights in parking lots and no nut kicking or blood sprays. I’m especially interested in “The Biolar Roller” — what if he’s on a downswing? Will a punch perk him up? Will he suddenly begin to arrange his socks and measure the holes in the Cyclone fencing of “The Kage?” I think he could stand and worry about a name change to The Bipolar Bear, but that’s just me. Does it count as a TKO if he just lies down and cries before the round even begins?I conduct xtreme kage fights in my head and my mouth and keyboard are the only escape. I pray for a TKO, just like the drunken fight fans. Join me, won’t you, for a bottle of Krsytal and a sock to the kisser?

Pictures here.

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