Find yourself Filled with anxiety

I have this master plan to create an ongoing series to blog about. Things like, stuff I’ve only seen in Wisconsin, questions about just anything, and of course peeves. These are the things that leave bathtub rings in my head at the most inconvenient times, like when I’m on my bike. They come to me in my car, too, but so far all I have is a snowstorm of paper scraps with not funny reminders, like “purple strip bar goes brown,” “People who drive too fast, too slow or just completely out of their minds, always have Jesus fishes.”

So here’s one. It drives me NUTS. I don’t have perfect English skills, by any means, but some people have slipped so far off the grid, I think it might be time to declare English a foreign language. Or just divide English into two languages. One for NASCAR and one for us, for example.

There are just way too many offenses not to blog this beauty.
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Make special note of this new, irritating trend toward spontaneous, arbitrary capitalization. Sometimes it’s done for Emphasis, which is sort of okay, but when it’s dripping with non-sequiter sauce like this one, I need a Lysol shower (like a visit to The Chicago Manual of Style site.)

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