JonBenet J-School Prof Drops Dime, Shuns Shears

SFGate: AP News
Tracey, 58, revealed little about the contents of the message Thursday. “I’m not going to say what it was,” he said, his long gray locks tumbling to his shoulders.

Apparently, a local journalism professor had an ongoing email correspondence with the man now charged with little JonBenet’s murder. I’m not sure why he was interviewed at his barber’s, but I guess that’s how it is when the world wants news. If you have an appointment to get a haircut, well, CNN isn’t going to just stand around and window shop at Dot’s, are they?

Oh wait. I get it. The professor’s grey hair is in a perpetual state of tumblance. This is an important detail. I’d like to have heard the reporter yelling the copy in to the paper into his lousy cellphone. “No, no, no, he wasn’t eating lox, he was wearing them… no, his hair was made of locks! No, his hair was long, and curly, it was locky. And no, his hair wasn’t actually moving, it just seemed to me anyways that the locks of hair sort of, well, I don’t know, unfurled in a cascade. It was really quite stunning. I really didn’t hear anything he said boss, I’m sorry. But you had to see his hair. No, no, no, ‘cascading’ would be too much, don’t you think? Hang on, let me see if I can get another look…. Nope, they are definitely not cascading. I’m sticking to my guns here, boss. Those locks are grey and they are tumbling all over the fucking place. Okay, chief, over and out.”
And NO, I do not know what the hell is the matter with my blog.

My assistant called in sick today. Well, I guess I’ll see her next Tuesday.

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