My Baby Deserves a Hell Ride

Cool Bike Gang

I can’t stop this vomity feeling and that’s just the kind of birtday gift my darling husband deserves.

Queensry(umlaut)che (who?) is coming to town on Saturday and they’re going to be riding Buells (ahem, HARLEY-DAVIDSONS). I agreed to join him. (Here comes that feeling.) I’ll be riding about 4 hours behind them. First, because I don’t want to be a part of this and second, because I’ll catch up with them in about 8 seconds.

They’re playing at The Myth nightclub. This will be my second visit there this summer. The bathroom sinks have hot and cold running Red Bull.

Please G-d, don’t let me die on this ride and if I do, cover for me and say I was somewhere else.

P.S. What *is* a Queensryche anyways?

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