Are You Nickname-Deprived?

Never earn your own nickname?

Did you miss your chance by skipping out on the fraternity experience? Forget to pass out at a party and wake-up with a mysterious new appellation? Didn’t play sports or have parents who were fun-loving clowns?

Well, guess what.

You can have your own nickname right now. That’s right, […]

Check out this fledgling music player, if only for the excellent graphics

Watch the video and I’ll bet you’re on the download button halfway through, even though the new Mozilla-like media player hasn’t even been released.

If you’re like me, though, you’ll be signed up when you see the farting bird logo.

The best music in the world is free…

Free music? No way! That’s insane. Thank god our troops have moved in and installed democracy. DRM is is the hallmark of a free society.