Brand Loyalty

According to a Kansas City crime blog I just discovered, the MO Department of Corrections has tallied the tattoos of its inmates.

Shouldn’t the mothers be charged for tattooing their infants?

Motorcycle show, longer version of older story

What is it about a deadline that makes me complete everything else I need to do?

Here’s a draft version of a story I wrote after visiting a motorcycle show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I was busy exploring Google Docs and Spreadsheets and apparently Google bought Writely, a site I once used for posting […]

The simple life monitor check

This is what I wake up to. I spend all day adding to it. I am also completely surrounded by a kook’s nest of piles: paper, bills, things to read, things to mail, bills, gadgets and CRAFTS. My jewelry project is currently spilling over the sides of our coffee table and I still average about… […]