The simple life monitor check

This is what I wake up to. I spend all day adding to it. I am also completely surrounded by aMy simple life kook’s nest of piles: paper, bills, things to read, things to mail, bills, gadgets and CRAFTS. My jewelry project is currently spilling over the sides of our coffee table and I still average about… 0 completed pieces a day and when the magical window opens, writing occurs.

Maybe if I’d had kids, they’d simply push all this complexity off and out of my life. Maybe I could babysit a hyperactive child once a week. Cheaper than a housecleaner.

My fantasy is to have a personal assistant.

Here’s his listfor the day:

  1. Clean up my web sites.
  2. Make me lunch.
  3. Bring coffee.
  4. Assemble 25 necklaces according to a single design.
  5. Unload the dishwasher.

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