“the teeth were on the stage.”

A ‘Family’ Mourns a Punk Rocker Who Defied His Age: 80 December 27, 2006

In his 80 years, Joseph Bernard Zak served in the Navy during World War II, studied to be a Franciscan priest and worked as a teacher and a doorman. He also wrote tens of thousands of lyrics, moving to Nashville at […]

Hey, I’m in ArtForum!

See that photo on the upper right? That’s mine!

I think it’s in this issue:

The cool part is that an editor from ArtForum found this picture I took from a Hines Auction Service event and gave me a free subscription for letting them use it.


Christmas Gifts

Here are my top three presents from my husband:

1. The scary part here is how really excited I got when I opened my gift of oil filters.

2. Of course the squealing only got more intense with my new motorcycle boots. Scott says I can’t wear them to St. John’s next week, because […]