My Friend Vicka–Fashion Maven to The Clergy

I love my honey-head friend Victoria. She’s so amazing. She’s a lesson of life reinvented, following your visions, self-confidence, all that crap. She has the weird ability to be best friends with every person she’s ever met and I fell in love with her the minute we met about 20 years ago as the […]

The MF Maile Flanagan Fan Club

It’s Liza Minelli getting her picture taken with Maile!

Oh, to be a fly on the wall. Oh, wait. I AM a fly on the wall. No wonder everything looks so weird.

She still hasn’t explained how they hooked up, but really, who cares? Just getting to meet MF in her velvet jumpsuit is […]

Next year, chopsticks.

People are weird, case #5,683,593,023,