My Friend Vicka–Fashion Maven to The Clergy

Vick hammers it outI love my honey-head friend Victoria. She’s so amazing. She’s a lesson of life reinvented, following your visions, self-confidence, all that crap. She has the weird ability to be best friends with every person she’s ever met and I fell in love with her the minute we met about 20 years ago as the only two white temps working in a ghetto. She taught me everything about throwing your life down for dogs and cats. I wish I could marry her, but the line is way too long and I can’t see sleeping in a folding lounge chair on the street in front of her house.

She was in Sunday’s Boston Globe, but the online version is even better because you get to hear her voice and a lite version of her sassy talk.

P.S. Whenever I see Vick, I can’t help thinking of her ex-boyfriend, David, who is the omnipresent and beatific spokesmodel for the local wireless company, Midwest Wireless. See what happens when you go to theater school? I see his picture in bathroom stall ads all the time. It’s really a drag.

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