Cat Scratch Fever: My story comes out and I prepare for a new asshole.

Captive safety

My story about big cat owners is out online today and in print on Monday.

I’m going to get eviscerated from both sides on this one. I hope my next assignment is about the deliciousness of cupcakes.

2 comments to Cat Scratch Fever: My story comes out and I prepare for a new asshole.

  • Tom

    You really could have written a much better story about animal ownership. Accuracy suffers tremendously when you write about one side and include comments that say that the one side is all that there is. The much larger side of ownership is millions of happy and well cared for animals and humans who are glad to live with them.

    The rules of journalism, written and unwritten, do not change just because you are writing about a hot-button topic. Journalistic integrity becomes far more important when the topic is so emotional. I’m not talking about creating the appearance by paying lip service to the idea that an article must be fair and balanced, either. In its proper perspective, the unfavorable material was given far too much space, too much drama, too much gore, and unnecessary titillation. This is real life. Real life is different from slasher movies and the first season of CSI. If you become more aware of this difference you will be able to write better articles.

    It is also a little strange to see someone who writes for alternative magazines come out with an article that is straight from the authoritarian book of tricks.

    By the way, my experience with tigers has convinced me that private ownership must be encouraged and increased.

  • sgl

    I understand that you think I wasn’t fair or that I am not a good journalist. Is it possible that your “experience with tigers” might have predisp0sed you to favor a certain viewpoint and therefore have a somewhat occluded vision of “balanced?” So far, the only people who think the story wasn’t fair are owners. I gave private ownership more coverage and more opportunity to speak to the “hot button” topics than I’ve found in all my research. Yes, there are stories about the wacky people with wacky pets, or portraits of owners with controversial pets, but none in which both sides of the argument address specific points. This story wasn’t long enough to provide a fully articulated dialog, but believe me, I worked hard to find positive, convincing and good arguments from the pro-exotic side. To be honest, I left out a great deal of material which was not flattering to wildcat owners.