God Hates Pests and Weeds

… and I was especially chosen to sort them all out. Just in case, though, I can always check this rogue’s gallery of evil, misbegotten and damned bugs. See how nicely arranged the mugshots are? You don’t think god created junk? What about the “ambush bug” and the “assassin bug?” And right in between […]

Q: How many sculptors does it take to shape the world?

A: The same number of comedians whose work is “serious business.”

David really does the most beautiful work. It’s much more subtle than his gregarious, chatty personality would imply. He’s one of those guys who remembers quotes and anecdotes really well. And he has a great little snarky snicker. I wish one […]

Brown and free

I’m going to admit something that I bet few of my friends would reveal.

You know those offers for Gevalia coffee? I use them. I toss the coffee out because it tastes like poopwater, but you know what? For the shipping costs (or some nominal fee) I got a coffee maker that is lasting […]