Brown and free

gevaliaI’m going to admit something that I bet few of my friends would reveal.

You know those offers for Gevalia coffee? I use them. I toss the coffee out because it tastes like poopwater, but you know what? For the shipping costs (or some nominal fee) I got a coffee maker that is lasting longer than my Krups, my Brauns and well, the Melitta doesn’t count since I just got too lazy. But it’s a great coffee maker! I grind, I fill the entire cone filter with oily, black beans, add 10 cups of water and I’m good to go. Until I hit that nap-wall, but there’s always more coffee when I wake up!

I wonder how many people secretly do the same. Sometimes I think I should put a Ducati sticker over the logo, but I’ve decided I’m out, I’m proud and I’m sayin’ it loud: Gevalia coffee makers are cool.

Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription.

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