Worth Not Stealing

I have been a shareware, free demo, freeware, beta version freak for a long time. (And now that I am back to Mac, nothing crashes my beloved computer.)

I love trying out new applications. I even got signed up for a new operating system that was supposed to revolutionize the interwebs by creating a 3D workspace with no visuals, or something like that. Didn’t happen. But I didn’t care.

I always try to let a developer know when I am happy with a gadget. And, on the rare occasion, I actually buy the thing.

These are some and I really want to feature them. I will do that just as soon as I can find a program that does everything I wish I had time for. Something like a macro, or a routine… something like an Apple Script, or widget or Applet or a shortcut-key… something like… A ROBOT! Oh, I would so love a robot.

FlySketch: WAY better than SnagIt. Absolutely easiest and most powerful Mac app for screen captures with tools for circling things and adding captions.

Flowgram: Only in beta, but I cannot wait to go to the mat with this thing. It’s a live screen capture presentation thingy. I’ll explain later, when I get my robot.

Skype: Talk to clients and type at the same time. No headphones. Fill your office with the sound of your client’s voice. No need to cradle the phone while you clip your dog’s toenails.

Google Docs: A no-brainer, but a total freebie to small business owners who don’t know how to get cracked MS Office products.

Fanurio: Mmmmm…. Fanurio. I have no idea what “Fanurio” means. Probably an Italian word for “money grubber.” But it’s the best. I have been aching for a program like Fanurio for a long, long time. Keep track of work time and send out accurate bills and invoices.

And oh, the features. It’s like the designers watched me work from inside my skull and now anticipate my every need and leap to fix my every misstep.

And now my robot will take over and explain these with beautiful Flysketch screen shots and an amazingly powerful Flowgram will walk you through the whole process while I go and find some candy.

And wow, I just got a real phone call on MagicJack*. The caller didn’t even notice I was using a USB port for a phone line to make free calls on my new free business number. It rings on a real phone. Might be good for setting up my red panic phone.

Robot? Take a note…

* Gathering dust on 10/22

Next for fun: Rapidweaver and BannerZest Pro

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