Google PageRank | Sari Gordon

I’m getting my certification as a Google AdWords Pro. I qualify for the ad spent part, now I just need to take the test. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

You have to know, for example, how many exclamation points are allowed in a text ad.* Which is sort of depressing if you don’t like rules. But I’m learning the rules and having fun finding ways to squeeze my creativity into the framework that Google likes and rewards.

Today’s rankings for search term “sari gordon” on:
Google: 1
Yahoo!: 1
MSN/Bing!: 1

July 3 rank for “seo red wing”: Not in top 50
July 8 rank for “seo red wing”: 28

Is your business the first thing your customers find when they search for your name? Do you reward them for going to YOUR domain?

How are you ranking for your own name? Send me an email and I’ll run a report for you–no charge, no commitment.

* Exclamation points are like bird droppings–it only takes one to get your attention. More is just not attractive.

(Google allows 1)

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