Accurate Time and Billing

Are you sure you’re comfortable hiring someone at an hourly rate?

I know I would be wary of hiring someone if I didn’t know how they kept track of time and expenses.

That’s why I like to quote fees for projects and deliverables, e.g. a web site, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign set-up, web site audit and optimization, competitor analysis, monthly reports.

I’m also a big fan of spending caps – one client likes my hourly rate and knows that I won’t charge more than 10 hours a month. It’s better for both of us. I know where to focus my energy for that client and they keep control over their budgets.

I’m well aware of the trust that you give me when you hire me for hourly projects.

That’s why I use Fanurio software.

I spent nearly a year researching all the time tracking and invoicing software before I decided on Fanurio.

I work alone and at home. That means I’m sitting in one chair, in front of one computer. When I start a project, I go to Fanurio and start the timer. Fanurio pops up every 15 minutes or so to make sure I’m still working and still on the same project. If not, I make the changes to subtract any time or switch to a different client or a different rate and then, at the end of month, my invoices are completely accurate.

If a client ever wants a record of my time and tasks, I simply print out a time sheet with every detail of my work.

I’m really thankful I can work at home–I’m easily distracted when I’m in a team environment and though I miss the social aspect, I have instant access to my peers and resources through Twitter, email, Skype, and the phone. I get tunnel vision when I’m working, so it’s nice to be able to tune out my surroundings and focus on tasks. I don’t handle interruptions as well as I do when I’m working alone and have some control over my surroundings.

In gratitude for this freedom, I offer all my clients a full accounting of my time and my costs, on screen and in print.

I love communicating on the Web. It’s easy for me and I love helping others do the same.

Fanurio is the perfect fit for me and my customers.

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