What that hippy saw after he stuck a daisy in the army guy’s gun

I just stuck my head into the middle of a crabapple bud explosion. It doesn’t matter how much you blink, it’s like being in a super Star Wars shootin’-through-space blow up of pink pokum dots!

For free!



VaultPress in Beta: Choose Me!

I have about 10 WordPress blogs. Only one has ever been hacked and after the second time, I was pretty cheesed off.

So I’m more than happy to hear about VaultPress, a new service for storing and securing WordPress installations. I don’t know much else except I’ve applied for a beta and will let you […]

Flirty Fishing For India

Flirty Fishing Necklace

The Uniform Project, 365 days of a single dress design and daily variations meant to raise money for Indian school girls.