What that hippy saw after he stuck a daisy in the army guy’s gun

I just stuck my head into the middle of a crabapple bud explosion. It doesn’t matter how much you blink, it’s like being in a super Star Wars shootin’-through-space blow up of pink pokum dots!

For free!



What a way to end my season

What a way to end the season


(At least I didn’t get chumped out of the MotoGP championship by my own teammate. )


I’m here to help


The word is FOLIAGE: It’s not prounounced FOILAGE; The word is ETCETERA: It’s not pronounced EXCETERA; The word is ESPRESSO, it is not pronounced EXPRESSO. Therefore, you cannot name your business “Expresso Yourself.” “Your” = e.g. “Your snowmobile ran into my Sushi shop.” Something which belongs to you. “You’re” = “You’re […]