PageRank: 3/10 thankyewverymuch

Well, I still haven’t pushed any content or adwords, but I’m already up to PR3.

Now I will turn my awesome traffic-building super powers on for the new business.

Google PageRank | Sari Gordon

I’m getting my certification as a Google AdWords Pro. I qualify for the ad spent part, now I just need to take the test. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

You have to know, for example, how many exclamation points are allowed in a text ad.* Which is sort of depressing if you don’t […]

Free SEO Tool For Bloggers Like Me

SEO Blogger

So. You have a sparkly, shiny new web site.

Now you need visitors. You need to increase your Page Rank. You want your site to be at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing! search results.

One of the basic principles of seo web marketing is to feed your site with fresh […]