Do You Trust Your Web Host?

You look at the name, the price and say, “fine, sign me up.”

But how do you know the files that make up your web site are safe, secure and handled by responsible people?

Well, for one thing, don’t choose a host who serves up a lot of porn. Or spammers.

If they are, […]

Wells Fargo Sucks

Wells Fargo Sucks.

Accidentally incurring overdrafts with a handful of $10 PayPal purchases means $500 to Wells Fargo and one really pissed off, resentful customer.

Fuck you, Sandy Nelson of Wells Fargo Minnesota Rochester Red Wing, wherever you scurry to at night.

Film Review Happy Holidays

A review I did for the film “Happy Holidays.” This indie release was recently screened at the Pepin Arts and Design Center, a gorgeous little gem with hopes of becoming a diamond. It’s always a bit unnerving when people post my stuff unedited, but there it is.