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Abode●Stockholm Announces The Return of The Famous Glass Pumpkins

Stockholm, WI – August 24, 2007 – Abode●Stockholm (N2030 #3 Spring Street / Stockholm, WI / (715) 442-2266) is pleased to announce the arrival of the exotic glass pumpkins of Cohn-Stone Studios. These pumpkins have become an annual favorite for Abode●Stockholm visitors and neighbors. “Every year we get to pick a big batch of our favorites and then watch them fly out the door,” says Alan Nugent, co-owner of Abode●Stockholm in Stockholm, Wisconsin.

These hand-blown, one-of-a-kind pumpkins are created by artists whose work is found in museums in Japan, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, South Africa, and all over the U.S. Though the pumpkins come in a variety of sizes and colors, no two are the same. Each makes a charming bookshelf accent, nestles happily in a spotlight of its own or plays nicely in a stunning, clustered centerpiece (perhaps with a shapely glass squash to complete the harvest display). This year, Abode●Stockholm has plucked a few additional Cohn-Stone delicacies for fans of the world-renowned glass pumpkin artists. A single blown glass leaf from their “forest floor” series makes a beautiful accent to your centerpiece or even a whimsical place setting detail.

Glass artists Michael Cohn and Molly Stone open their Oakland, California studio to the public only once a year. Luckily, Twin Cities residents need only carve out a day for an unforgettable journey to Stockholm (Wisconsin, that is) about an hour south of the Twin Cities.

Stockholm prides itself on its progressive and creative character. “Everyone loves living here, even if they only come for the summer and dream of living here year-round. We’re all very close and all the businesses are very supportive of one another.” Stockholm has always been a favorite hideaway for painters, sculptors, architects, chefs, illustrators and writers. Nugent and his partner Steve Grams are also proud to be part of a merchant community comprised mostly of women or gay/lesbian shop owners. In return for such a bountiful setting, residents have turned to earth-friendly practices. Organic and locally grown produce fills the shelves and menus of restaurants, shops, greenhouses and gardens. Green homebuilders and contractors have been kept busy in the scenic oasis by the river.

Nugent, who made his name in interior design during his 20 years in the Twin Cities, is certain these beauties can’t be found anywhere else in the our region. “I’ve seen a few glass ornaments for the fall season, but nothing like these. The glass can be a sophisticated mottled pattern, reminiscent of forest light or one of Molly’s rich, deep, saturated fall colors. Add on the spiraled mercury glass stems and you end up with just the kind of signature detail I love. It really sets these pieces apart. I really didn’t realize how popular they’d become until customers started calling and asking about them every year.”

Abode●Stockholm opened in 2004. Stockholm is the little historic Wisconsin river town many consider a rare gem among day trip destinations. With its incredible vistas, fine dining, top quality cottage and B&B amenities, sophisticated and urbane storefronts, and distinctive annual art fair, Stockholm has a European atmosphere cherished by its residents and guests.

“I first fell in love with these pumpkins on a trip through Northern California,” says. “It was late summer, and Steve and I were on a Sunday drive along the coast. When I saw them, I knew then and there that they needed to be a part of the store we were planning and also in the home we were building in Stockholm. They captured everything we wanted to express in one beautiful piece of glass.”

The lustrous glass pumpkins from Abode●Stockholm will always be a source of warmth from the Abode●Stockholm home to yours. Nugent says, “They’re like goblets of autumn wine or summer sun. They remind me of all the things I love about the changing seasons. It’s almost a shame to see them go, but they always do.”

Abode●Stockholm features an upscale array of uniquely collected adornments for the home. Abode●Stockholm carries signature accessories that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. Though the selections are always varied, customers count on Alan Nugent’s fine interior design sense for a stunning assortment of lamps, rugs, textiles, pillows, sculptural vases and stunning, hand-crafted pieces for that warm, loving and welcoming glow your home needs. Abode●Stockholm also houses an art gallery – pastoral painters are a specialty and a regular collection of masterpieces is always on display. Every month a new artist is welcomed and represented. Some public favorites include painters Nathan Hager, Christopher Copeland and Dan Wiemer, weavers Mary Anne Wise and Kelly Marshall, sculptors David Culver and Myklebust & Sears, and furniture makers John Capper and Burt Levy.

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