Two Artists Bring New Warmth to Old Crafts in Stockholm, Wisconsin


Alan Nugent
Stockholm, Wisconsin
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Two Artists Bring New Warmth to Old Crafts in Stockholm, Wisconsin

Stockholm, WI – September 17, 2007 – The Abode●Stockholm gallery is thrilled to feature two remarkable women as part of the Fresh Arts Fall Tour (October 5, 6, & 7, 10 – 5). To celebrate, the gallery is hosting an opening Friday, October 6 for Tanya Charlesworth Garvis and Mary Anne Wise.

Tanya Charlesworth Garvis

Tanya Charlesworth Garvis works with extremes. In a centuries-old process known as vitreous enameling, she performs a modern alchemy between copper and tiny granules of glass into sophisticated compositions of light, color and texture. Arranged and framed in tiles, her mosaics are like quilts of reimagined nature: clouds captured in water, fire absorbed into rock. Her strictly one-of-a-kind works shimmer with their own illumination while reflecting the natural world in any setting.

“Tanya’s work is totally unique and the craftsmanship is astonishing,” says interior designer and gallery co-owner Alan Nugent. “Her work is totally inspiring—I could create entire themes to complement one of her pieces. The colors and texture are like jewelry for a room.”

Charlesworth Garvis’ work is currently being featured in Vail and Telluride, Colorado galleries and will be featured in the Bachman’s Floral, Home and Garden Store in Minneapolis in November.

Mary Anne Wise

Mary Anne Wise has chosen the Fresh Arts Fall Tour to present two of her latest pieces. Mary Anne Wise has been a full-time textile artist for 25 years and her work hangs in private homes and businesses across the country. Rug hooking is a traditional craft, one which some believe is the only truly indigenous folk art in America. Rug hooking artists create wall hangings, clothing and jewelry—the perfect fusion for Abode●Stockholm’s vision of contemporary prairie arts.

“Wisconsin’s rural landscape,” says Wise, “is a constant point of reference in my hookings. My hooked rugs explore my relationship to the land.” The level of detail is remarkable in her works which feature elemental yet refined gardens with roses and hollyhocks framing familiar views from the bluffs of her home Stockholm overlooking the Mississippi River. Red-roofed farmhouses, windmills, orchards and fields are all rendered in the affectionate regard of a true native artist.

“We choose our artists very carefully,” says Nugent. “Wise’s exceptional artisanship and unbelievable passion for what she does is why she is known all around the world. We’re really lucky to have her here at home.”

How do they do it?

Wise will be giving demonstrations on rug hooking and Charlesworth Garvis will introduce the techniques she uses for creating copper tiles with colored glass (though she won’t have the 1,000- to 1,600-degree heat she generates in her home studio). Perhaps a visitor will be struck, as Charlesworth Garvis was several years ago when she herself was a visitor to a gallery and was smitten with the enameling process. She left her name with the gallery owner, hoping to speak with the artist. Two years later her apprenticeship with Dennis Berry began and today she works from her Deephaven, Minnesota studio, her years in restaurant and marketing work long behind her.

Most of the artists featured in the Fall Fresh Art Tour will be at work on the second day of the event, Saturday October 18. Come admire and learn more about ironwork and tinware, wax, stone and wood carving, weaving and basketry with our little village of artisans in this communal invocation of gathering and warmth before winter.

Our home, our town

Abode●Stockholm opened in 2004. Stockholm is the little historic Wisconsin river town many consider a rare gem among day trip destinations in the Upper Midwest. With its incredible vistas, fine dining, top quality cottage and B&B amenities, sophisticated and urbane storefronts, and distinctive annual art fair, Stockholm has a European atmosphere cherished by its residents and guests.

Stockholm prides itself on its progressive and creative character. “Everyone loves living here, even if they only come for the summer and dream of living here year-round. We’re all very close and all the businesses are very supportive of one another.” Stockholm has always been a favorite hideaway for painters, sculptors, architects, chefs, illustrators and writers. Nugent and his partner Steve Grams are also proud to be part of a merchant community comprised mostly of women or gay/lesbian shop owners. In return for such a bountiful setting, residents have turned to earth-friendly practices. Organic and locally grown produce fills the shelves and menus of restaurants, shops, greenhouses and gardens. Green homebuilders and contractors have been kept busy in the scenic oasis by the river.

Abode●Stockholm features an upscale array of uniquely collected adornments for the home. Abode●Stockholm carries signature accessories that can’t be found anywhere else in the region. Though the selections are always varied, customers count on Alan Nugent’s fine interior design sense for a stunning assortment of lamps, rugs, textiles, pillows, sculptural vases and stunning, hand-crafted pieces for that warm, loving and welcoming glow your home needs. Abode●Stockholm also houses an art gallery – pastoral painters are a specialty and a regular collection of masterpieces is always on display. Every month a new artist is welcomed and represented. Some public favorites include painters Nathan Hager, Christopher Copeland and Dan Wiemer, weavers Mary Anne Wise and Kelly Marshall, sculptors David Culver and Myklebust & Sears, and furniture makers John Capper and Burt Levy.

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