David (sister to Amy)

‘Strangers with Candy’: Amy (sister of David) Sedaris stars as a 46-year-old ex-junkie prostitute-turned-high school freshman in this prequel to her cult Comedy Central TV series. (July 14)

I have a sick feeling I’ll be doing some nauseating Rocky Horror Picture Show thing for opening night. Like, hanging a bell from my twat.

To do

Linda runs an errand.

This woman is absolutely incredible.

If she doesn’t make you feel numb and stupid and like getting up and going, then you are a robot. A dumb robot.

No spinach in this guy’s teeth

My friend’s husband Dylan Hicks made a wonderful debut (I think) in the StarTribune. The next time you see Dylan, be sure to rush up and give him a big hug. Good writers love that.

Actually, I like to rush up and slap him on the back and bellow, “Tally ho, old chum, once again […]