When they outlaw malpractice suits, guns and Lynxes…

…only morons will be rich, armed and own wildcats.

Just think of all the legal hot potatoes in this guy’s stew:

Malpractice suits Exotic pets Gun ownership (by an ex-con)

Not to mention the style demerits:

Sharpie beard Teadrop tattoos (double penalty for cliche + easy ID branding) […]

Cat Scratch Fever: My story comes out and I prepare for a new asshole.

My story about big cat owners is out online today and in print on Monday.

I’m going to get eviscerated from both sides on this one. I hope my next assignment is about the deliciousness of cupcakes.

Come Shoot Minnesota Wildlife!

Wildlife Photography at Minnesota Wildlife Connection “The ultimate in four season wildlife photography for professionals and amateurs as well. Shooting locations include birch and aspen groves, pine stands, spring-fed ponds and winding streams, mossy ravines and open fields, rock outcrops and river rapids, beaver ponds and boulder fields [and cages or pens, if you simply […]