KORSANG: The new David Eberhardt film

My friend David did a very cool documentary about riding the rails. I wasn’t prepared to like it, but I loved it. He spent 13 years on it, probably defying the short-sighted ones out there, but he finished and now he’s at work on this one.

It’s about Cambodian refugees who came to the US […]

Max’s memories

I’m not sure I’m qualified to call Max Becherer a friend anymore than I call anyone who I’ve met, admired and remembered as a friend, but today the New York Times published a fine and fitting five-year remembrance of the war and the death in Iraq. I was honored to meet Max when John […]

Q: How many sculptors does it take to shape the world?

A: The same number of comedians whose work is “serious business.”

David really does the most beautiful work. It’s much more subtle than his gregarious, chatty personality would imply. He’s one of those guys who remembers quotes and anecdotes really well. And he has a great little snarky snicker. I wish one […]