Max’s memories

I’m not sure I’m qualified to call Max Becherer a friend anymore than I call anyone who I’ve met, admired and remembered as a friend, but today the New York Times published a fine and fitting five-year remembrance of the war and the death in Iraq. I was honored to meet Max when John […]

JonBenet J-School Prof Drops Dime, Shuns Shears

SFGate: AP News Tracey, 58, revealed little about the contents of the message Thursday. “I’m not going to say what it was,” he said, his long gray locks tumbling to his shoulders.

Apparently, a local journalism professor had an ongoing email correspondence with the man now charged with little JonBenet’s murder. I’m not sure why […]

Very ethical journalist at work

FCF-July2006 013 Large Web view

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How about this bobcat kit? Just a few weeks old. I met him at a convention of big cat lovers. I went for a story I’m doing for The Rake.