Koo-Koo The Jew!

My friend Gail sent me this. It’s an “opera,” but I don’t think you need to understand Italian. All you need is the international language of “musical comedy” and a big, wide open mind.


And please, don’t visit the Alzheimer’s ward

Even though I’m really grateful for all the calls and letters, I decided I needed to create a video to answer everyone’s questions about clowning for Jesus. Remember, it’s extremely important and whatever you do, don’t do anything a patient requests. Those plaintive cries of, “Please, for God’s sake, send me to Jesus […]

The PUD Foreskin Restoration Device

The PUD Foreskin Restoration Device

I shit you not, I found this with only two links. The internet is crawling with stuff just below the surface. I just searched on “PUD” to find out what this housing term means and instead, I get this.

“The Pud Tugger.”

God loves me. He wants me to be […]