Your only protection against the dreaded Kancho!

If you don’t know what kancho is, back up against the nearest wall and make your way to one of these t-shirts. They’re made by a friend of mine who teaches English in Japan and in return, gains the cultural wisdom of a fifth grader.

I love my kancho dame shirt Thomas […]

Killer Toys

Although she’s a little art school, follow the link to World Domination Toys. There’s a really fun “Gasoline Super Soaker.”

L’il Flamer

The PUD Foreskin Restoration Device

The PUD Foreskin Restoration Device

I shit you not, I found this with only two links. The internet is crawling with stuff just below the surface. I just searched on “PUD” to find out what this housing term means and instead, I get this.

“The Pud Tugger.”

God loves me. He wants me to be […]