What a way to end my season

What a way to end the season


(At least I didn’t get chumped out of the MotoGP championship by my own teammate. )


My Baby Deserves a Hell Ride

I can’t stop this vomity feeling and that’s just the kind of birtday gift my darling husband deserves.

Queensry(umlaut)che (who?) is coming to town on Saturday and they’re going to be riding Buells (ahem, HARLEY-DAVIDSONS). I agreed to join him. (Here comes that feeling.) I’ll be riding about 4 hours behind them. First, […]

Stolen and slo!!!!!!

stolen and slow

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that’s me at the Advanced Riders Course at Dakota County Technical Center (completely forgetting everything i did on skyline/la honda/highway 1, etc. etc. ). I felt like a complete doofus, but then again, I was also stricken by self-hating PMS squirts and it was super hot. The […]