Cat Scratch Fever: My story comes out and I prepare for a new asshole.

My story about big cat owners is out online today and in print on Monday.

I’m going to get eviscerated from both sides on this one. I hope my next assignment is about the deliciousness of cupcakes.

Motorcycle show, longer version of older story

What is it about a deadline that makes me complete everything else I need to do?

Here’s a draft version of a story I wrote after visiting a motorcycle show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I was busy exploring Google Docs and Spreadsheets and apparently Google bought Writely, a site I once used for posting […]

Despite all your rage

My quest to see fuckers kick the shit out of each other takes me to The Myth Nightclub this Wednesday night. I have traveled near and far to watch, and I always come up empty-handed. Inept bookers, cancelled shows, last-minute venue changes, no media passes, rained-out fights in parking lots and no nut kicking […]