Check out this fledgling music player, if only for the excellent graphics

Watch the video and I’ll bet you’re on the download button halfway through, even though the new Mozilla-like media player hasn’t even been released.

If you’re like me, though, you’ll be signed up when you see the farting bird logo.

Your only protection against the dreaded Kancho!

If you don’t know what kancho is, back up against the nearest wall and make your way to one of these t-shirts. They’re made by a friend of mine who teaches English in Japan and in return, gains the cultural wisdom of a fifth grader.

I love my kancho dame shirt Thomas […]

Lovely with a nice brown shirt

The best part about this powerful symbol is that it’s just so JAP. And so affordable! Only $11! Buy one for the whole B’nai B’rith gang. Put it on your Hannukah wish list!